Making music collectible

On average, an artist makes 12% of all revenues generated from their music. 

We aim to solve this
problem by putting power back in the hands of artists and fans together as a community.

Dropstar is the first music NFT ecosystem that brings artists, fans, labels and brands together powered by $drop tokens.


@Age of Smart Machine - ENTRET PLANET

Earn real-time royalties,
discover exclusive content,buy and sell NFTs.

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Artists, collaborators and communities create NFTs of their unique content


Fans, collaborators and brands collect NFTs of their favourite artists, 90% of the revenue goes directly to the artist 


Fans can invest in artists and earn from future sales and distribution, artists earn royalties.

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DropStar aims to disrupt the music industry by building a blockchain based holistic ecosystem powered by $drop token

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Showcasing the best


Gutto Serta: A Berlin-based musician, producer and DJ, presenting AOSMx, or Age of Smart Machine, with his futuristic piece "ENTRET".

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Christian Löffler: An electronic music and visual artist specialising in emotive, melancholic music that feels isolated yet strangely relatable

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