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What is a NFT?
A non-fungible token (NFT) refers to a digital asset that is built on the blockchain with a unique identifier allowing it to have a certificate of authenticity and ownership. 

Should I buy NFTs for investment purposes? 
NFTs should not only be considered as an investment opportunity. A NFT should be purchased because you value it for any variety of reasons, including to support your favorite artist/creator, or because you find the NFT cool, aesthetically pleasing or exciting to own. The purpose of NFTs on DropStar is to enable you to be a part of the communities of your favorite creators and participate in supporting their creativity with exclusive benefits that may come with your ownership of a creator’s NFT.
Is there a royalty to the creator of NFTs?
For artists/creators selling physical goods, once the initial asset is sold, there may be an entire secondary market where the artists/creators do not see any benefits of the revenue. Because NFTs are digital goods, the provenance of the original creator is coded into every NFT, and the record of ownership follows the NFT even after the primary sale. Accordingly, it is possible for the creator to launch a NFT where a percentage of proceeds from any future sales is automatically paid to the creator, based on the way that the NFT is designed and launched. This royalty is designed to continue to support their content creation by allowing them to participate in secondary sales of their work. 
I am a Creator and I want to be listed on DropStar, how can I do that? 
That is awesome, you are one step closer to directly engaging with your fans. Just sign up here and we will get in touch with you. 

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